Difficult Times, Great Results: Free Preview Call

Have you been experiencing difficult times in your life or business?

Would you like to have great results in your life, even if difficult times?

Join Crystal in this preview call of the telesummit, "Difficult Times, Great Results", and the 3 As to getting Great Results in your Difficult Times.  Learn how use your 5 senses to increase your awareness, accept the situation, and move you to action.

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Crystal began as a speaker/facilitator in the computer training field in 1989. She began as an administrative assistant with a non-profit organization and worked her way up to the computer department (IT). After being there for 11 years, she aspired to learn more applications and help more clients. Throughout the 1990s, she trained a variety of Fortune 500 companies including media conglomerates, financial firms, non-profit organizations, legal firms, educational institutions, government (state and city), cosmetics, fashion, insurance companies, auction houses and a tobacco company.

She became interested in coaching right after 9/11. She noticed the professionals who helped the shell shocked all over the world were not medical doctors or psychiatrists; they were coaches! She did extensive research and found the best place to become a certified coach — The Open Center in New York City. The day after sending in the initial registration and payment, she was laid off from her computer trainer job at a large law firm. When she got home that night she received a letter from the Open Center. It was the confirmation for the coaching course. She discovered an even better career and way to live and flourish as a coach.  Crystal hasn’t looked back since!



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