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I stumbled into computer training in 1986 when I was an administrative assistant with a non-profit organization.  I was the only one in the office who knew how to use the computer.  This was around the time dinosaurs roamed the earth!  It was an AS400 system in the 1980s — for all of you computer geeks!  I became the trainer for the department and any new hires to our department.  We were right next door to the CEO, CFO, and Senior VP.  Anytime one of high-level management had a question or computer issue they came by my office rather than calling Help Desk.  Pretty soon I trained all new hires for 4 out of 7 different floors, 16 departments, and I was a make-shift help desk.  After about a year, a computer trainer position opened up.  I continued to perform the same tasks as before but this time got paid for it!

I wanted to know more applications and branch out.  I worked at many Fortune 500 companies both as an employee and a consultant in the 1980s and 1990s.  I’ve worked at media conglomerates, financial firms, non-profit organizations, legal firms, government (state and city), cosmetics, fashion, a tobacco company(!), insurance companies, and auction houses.  I loved training computers to users but I wanted more.

I always combined what a class attendee needed to accomplish as opposed to just showing the steps to use the application as part of the training sessions.  Of course my classes went overtime but the students didn’t complain and were often more well-rounded.

I became interested in coaching right after 9/11.  I saw there were people helped the shell shocked all over the world that were not medical doctors or psychiatrists.  I did extensive research and found the best place to become a certified coach — The Open Center in New York City.  I found out info about the school, the course, and the instructors.  I sent in my initial payment to the school. The day after sending in my payment, I was laid off from the law firm I was working at for 4 years.  When I got home that night I received a letter from the Open Center.  It was the confirmation for the coaching course.  I found an even better job (and career) and I haven’t looked back since then!

Now it’s YOUR TURN!  I want to know more about you and your dreams!

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