Resume Coach

When was the last time your updated your resume? When Bill Clinton was president?  Or Ronald Reagan? You need the Resume Coach to help you!

Did you copy/paste your resume from MS Word's resume template?  You need the Resume Coach to help you!

At Coaching with Crystal LLC, we take time to review your resume — both it's positive and negative points. We  explore who you are, look at the dream of your future, examine your job history and translate them to your resume. 

It's more than your resume.  It's the first view, the first line of offense for your next career. 

Contact me a for info and pricing.  A real person answers email regularly. 

DISPELLING MYTH OF THE DAY:  Resumes CAN be multi-page documents!! Your resume can be 1 page for every 10 years of experience/multiple jobs.  10 years = 1 page, 20 years = 2 pages, etc.

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